Uncertainty and Contradiction

Life without booze is definitely better than the way I was living before, with the endless round of drinking to the point of passing out, waking with a stinking hangover, dragging myself through the day, swearing I would not drink that night, before repeating the process all over again. An endless loop, which I was… Continue reading Uncertainty and Contradiction

A Change of Perspective

I take part in a life drawing class on Thursday evenings. This week we had a difficult pose, with lots of what is known as 'foreshortening'. It means the perspective was tricky, and so the pose was a hard one to draw. When I got home, I pinned the drawing to the wall in order… Continue reading A Change of Perspective

No More Self-Blame

I had an extract of my book published on a recovery website this week (  It has had some good responses, and it seems to have struck a chord with some people who are struggling. This gives me a sense that I have made a difference to some people. This is the reason I am… Continue reading No More Self-Blame

From Surviving to Thriving

For many years I hated myself for my drinking. Growing up,  I witnessed my mum and sister slowly destroying themselves with heroin. I did not want to repeat their mistakes, and I did not want to inflict that pain onto my daughter. But I did. At least, a part of me was convinced that I… Continue reading From Surviving to Thriving