A new beginning?

I have had the idea of writing my story and of sharing it for some time. I finally did it, but it took me two years to actually publish it and get it out there. I wanted to make some sense of the things that happened to me, and writing them down and sharing them as a form of therapy helped me on my recovery process. I also wanted to use my story as a means of letting people know they were not alone in their struggle to overcome addiction. If you have your own difficulties with addiction, or with other mental health issues, I hope this blog and my story will resonate with you in some way and assist you to feel less on your own.

Three years on from giving up the booze, I feel that my head is clearer and my life is more fulfilling than it was in the past. I still have work to do, but I feel more able to face the work and the accept where I am now and how far I have come.

If you want to contact me, if you feel you could use some support or if you just want to send a message, then please do so. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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